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Financial Freedom 101 – What are the Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom?

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In this video, we discuss the core concepts of financial freedom and the steps to achieve it in your early life. Reaching financial freedom is not a hypothetical task that is impossible to achieve. You just have to spend your money wisely, pay off your bad debt as soon as possible, make some plans for the future, and start investing as soon as possible (pay yourself first).

00:00​ – Introduction to financial freedom (Mike Tyson Example)
01:23 – It is not about how much you earn
02:50​ – Core concepts and steps of Financial Freedom
03:04 – 1. Tracking your spending (budget)
04:30 – 2. Get assets for regular income streams
05:12 – 3. Paying of your bad debt
06:16 – 4. Future planning
06:56 – 5. Smart personal finance habits
07:11 – Conclusion

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Join us on the journey that leads to Financial Freedom in 20XX! Our goal is to share the knowledge of how to achieve financial independence and retire early. We try our best to teach you steps to achieve financial freedom by increasing your financial intelligence.

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Financial Independence – Follow These Simple Steps for Financial Freedom

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Financial Independence – Follow These Simple Steps for Financial Freedom
When you first start out on your personal finance journey, it can be quite confusing. The end goal is financial independence or financial freedom but depending on where you are at, it could mean a lot of different things to you. At the very least, you want to get to a point where you won’t be making decisions solely based on money. We all want to be at a point where we won’t constantly be worrying about money so this video will go over some simple steps you can take to be financially free.

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How do you get to financial freedom? Well, there are a number of things that you need to do.

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Do This 1 Thing and You Will Have Financial Freedom

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