5 TIPS on how to RETIRE EARLY | Financial freedom at 33

It wasn’t easy getting here but there were some pivotal moments that allowed my wife (Yen) and I to reach financial freedom and be able to retire at a young age. In this video I share with you my 5 key strategies that helped me retire young in hopes it can help you retire early too.

Yen and I have been together for over 14 years. As we worked day in, day out, saving our money, investing our money, planning, strategizing and slaving away to hit our goals, the thing that kept us going over all those years of relentless hard work was knowing that it would eventually lead us to early financial freedom.

Gaining financial independence then eventually reaching financial freedom in order to be able to retire young is something that we’re proud to have achieved. We want to share with others how to retire young too so it’s not just a ‘myth’ or dream, and for you to know that early retirement is an actual achievable goal by sharing with you some practical advice and my personal perspective.

How to retire young depends on your lifestyle and choices but the most important thing to an early retirement is being able to make enough income to support your particular lifestyle which is different for every single person. By age 33 we were able to achieve our goal of early retirement for ourselves and have been able to live our lives with the freedom to travel the world at our leisure.

Here’s our video we made about quitting our jobs to travel the world:

I wanted to share with those who are interested my own 5 key tips that helped us get here. This video about how to retire young was created to feature tips that anyone can employ in their day to day lives in order to reach financial freedom.

If you find this video about how to retire early interesting or helpful, let us know! We’ll continue to create more lessons since it is a big topic to cover. Financial independence retire early. It’s definitely possible.

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