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You'll Never Have Debt Again After Watching This | How To Pay Off Debt Faster

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You'll Never Have Debt Again After Watching This | How To Pay Off Debt Faster

In this video, I share with you how you can avoid debt forever and pay off debt faster using the Debt Avalanche Method!

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If you have any amount of debt to pay off, you’re probably wondering what debt elimination strategy will get you back in the positive in the fastest time frame possible. In the United States, debt has been skyrocketing year after year with personal consumer debt surpassing trillion dollars in 2019 which means that Americans could be doing a much better job when it comes to paying down their debts. In this video, I am going to share with you one of the quickest methods of paying down your debt: The Debt Avalanche Method. And if you’re new to the channel, hit the subscribe button below for more informative content!

You’re probably asking yourself, what is the debt avalanche method? Do I need to be able to ski? Will it be cold? The Debt avalanche is a strategy of paying off what you owe by prioritizing loans and credit card balances with the highest interest rates. You see, while it sucks to have to look at a huge debt balance every time you check your bank balance, what’s worse is paying annoying interest charges. At least when you accumulated debt by buying goods and services you get value out of those things but interest charges are zero value-added expenses. Therefore, the goal of the debt avalanche is to minimize the amount of interest you pay, allowing you to put more money towards paying off the principle which in turn will allow you to be debt-free much sooner than if you were to use other strategies like the debt snowball.

Step #1: List out all of your debts
On a piece of paper or an excel spreadsheet, list out each one of your debts from the highest interest rate to the lowest. This could include anything from money you owe your brother, to credit card debt and even your car loan just to name a few. An important point to note is that you are arranging your debts from the ones with the highest interest rate and not the highest interest charge. While a large balance with a smaller interest rate may be costing you more money every month than the one with the highest interest rate, in principle, having the loan with the highest interest rate still outstanding is still the most costly.

Step #2: Make all your minimum payments
After you’ve listed out all of your debts from the highest to lowest interest rates it’s now time to write down each of their respective minimum payments. Every month, it is critical that you make the minimum payments on each one of your debts as missing payments will not only increase your debt but will also affect your credit score. In fact, being just 30 days late on a payment can reduce your credit score by up to 100 points making getting a future mortgage or even a job that much tougher. As a best practice, set up a reminder in your phone to make each one of your payments because often times life can get busy and having a reminder means one less you have to think about.

Step #3: Pay down extra on your highest rate debt
You’ve now set up your debt listing and have made all of your minimum payments, it’s now time to really get the debt avalanche rolling. In order to do this, what you’ll want to do is put any extra disposable income you have towards your highest interest debt. And if you’re thinking to yourself, I wish I had extra disposable income then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Most people have more free time than they think and one of the best ways to use this time to make more money. This could be in the form of taking on more shifts at work or picking up side projects. No matter what this extra work looks like, the key is to funnel all that extra income towards your highest interest debt allowing you to pay it off as fast as possible.

Step #4: Keep the avalanche rolling
At this point, you are making solid progress at paying down your debts by prioritizing them and earning extra cash to put towards them. Within no time, you’ll be able to stroke off the first debt on your list allowing you to begin to focus your attention on the second one. In order to keep the avalanche rolling, you will need to do three things: continue to make the minimum payments on each debt, earn extra income and finally add all previous debts’ minimum payments to your new monthly debt contribution. So for instance, if the debt you just paid off had a 0 minimum payment, you will add that amount to the minimum payment contribution on your next highest debt creating an avalanche effect of a much greater payment. And this larger payment, when compounded with extra income you’re earning, will make your debt load evaporate in no time!
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THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING DEBT FREE | What We've Learned After 5 Years (Dave Ramsey Inspired)

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Our debt free journey began 8 years ago. We’ve been living debt free for the past five after doing our debt free scream on the Dave Ramsey show in 2015.

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We’re technically millennials, so I guess that would make us debt free millennials. But the thing about being debt free is that, while it’s easy to think it’s the end goal financially, becoming debt free is actually not the end goal. The end goal, at least for us, is financial freedom. Independence. The ability to do whatever we want, when we want, and not have to worry about how much it costs (to a certain extent).

Right now, even though we’re debt free, we still have bills to pay. Rent, utilities, food, insurance, clothing, etc. Our end goal is to create a series of income sources (both passive income from investments, and online income) so we can cover all of our necessary expenses from the interest our investments make, and have fun with the online income. Or we may reverse that. We’re still figuring it out.


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Debt Free, Now What? | Life After Debt

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I worked tirelessly for this and I’m so glad to be experiencing life after debt. Being debt free after so long is refreshing. 1 year later and it still feels amazing, It’s a feeling I want everyone who hasn’t to experience. To all 3,596 members of the Q Crew I appreciate you! #DebtFree #DebtFreeCommunity


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