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The Best Debt-Free Screams

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How We PAID OFF Our Mortgage & Live a DEBT-FREE Life! | Tips to Financial Freedom | Liza Adele

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Ever since mentioning that my husband and I paid off our mortgage in 4 years, you guys have wanted to know HOW! How do we live a debt-free life? Watch this video to find out all of our financial tips! 🙂

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INSTRUCTIONS (follow your heart and tweak this as you feel)
1. The first 10 minutes of this video are “I Am” affirmations (first person).
2. The second 10 minutes are “You Are” affirmations (second person).
3. With your eyes open or closed, listen to the affirmation and feel the blessings shower upon you.
4. Carry the fragrance of this practice throughout your day and be mindful of what you give attention to (for what you give attention to grows). *Replace ashes with roses*
5. Persist, even if tomorrow brought you the opposite news, persist, It is the old programming playing out and leading you to where the depths of your soul is guiding you to through your heartfelt desires. Lightly and joyfully persist on with the spirit of a child. It costs you nothing and need not take much of your time but so little can give so much, it will be worth it. If anything, your discipline and concentration muscles will strengthen and these are core traits of successful people. (Give this at least 30 days if not a season or so).
* You can say this affirmation anytime in the day (ex. you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in a line).

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Debt-Free Journey: 7 Tips | Paying off $120K of Debt in Under 3 Years

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I share how my husband and I paid off 0,000 of debt in under 3 years and the 7 tips that helped us in our debt-free journey. If you are someone who is also on your debt-free journey or trying to build financial literacy, I hope this video motivates and encourages you!

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0:13 — why I decided to make this video
2:44 — our money situation
5:05 — 7 things that helped us in our debt free journey
5:15 — track what you spend
6:30 — pay above monthly minimums and use the snowball method
9:04 — live below your means
10:53 — control the content you consume
12:35 — increase your income
13:41 — don’t give up!!!

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I used to publicly share all of my goals. I’d broadcast my new years resolutions every year on YouTube, Instagram, and on FaceBook. Over the years, however, I discovered that after I’d shared my goal with my viewers, I’d be less motivated to reach those goals, because I felt as if I’d already met it. Then I heard a TedTalk by Derek Sivers, an entrepreneur, who shared research dating back to the 1920’s, that indicated that people are less inclined to reach their goals after they’ve shared them with others.

In this video I talk about how I no longer share my goals on social media. For the past several years I’ve found that this helps me to work harder to achieve my goals. I challenge you to try not to share your next goal with others, and see if it impacts how fast (or if at all) it helps you to reach it.

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How We Stopped Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Pregnant? We cloth diapered 3 of our 4 kids, and estimate we saved THOUSANDS of dollars. In fact I started my YouTube channel as “MsDiaperD”, sharing over 80 cloth diaper video tutorials.

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Hey there! I’m Dana. I’m a wife and Mother to 4 kids, including twin boys and two girls. I work full time outside the home in finance as a Corporate Accountant, but enjoy sharing my personal and parenting journey online. We live in the Philadelphia area.

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