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The Secret Formula to Financial Freedom – Kim Kiyosaki (Millennial Money)

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Making money through cash flow versus capital gains

How do you currently make money? By going to your job every day and collecting a biweekly paycheck in exchange for your work? Most people make money this way because it’s what they are taught to do by their parents or teachers. Also, it feels like a safe and secure path because it’s the traditional route.

Well, what if I told you that there’s another way? Another path in life that doesn’t require you to trade time for money? A path that allows you to follow your passion, achieve financial freedom, and reach your life goals? Now I’ve piqued your interest, right?

This path is precisely how the rich make their money — and it’s not from an hourly wage or salary. Instead, they make their money from their investments. In fact, the best way to make money is as an investor — but the question I’m often asked is: How do you make that money? If your monthly income as an investor does not come from a job, then where does it come from?

Making Your Money Work for You
If there’s one thing the rich do differently than the poor, it’s that they put their money to work instead of working for their money. What does that mean? Their money isn’t just sitting around in a savings account, accruing little-to-no interest, waiting for a rainy day. Their money is being invested — and delivering a return!

Different investments produce different results. The question is, what results do you want?

There are two primary outcomes an investor invests for: cash flow and capital gains

The Advantage of Cash Flow versus Capital Gains Investing
The best thing about cash flow is that it’s money flowing into your pocket on a continual basis — whether you’re working or not. You could be on the golf course, jet-setting around the world, watching Netflix in your jammies, or building a business, and your money is busy working for you. And generally, cash-flow investing is based on fundamentals that aren’t as susceptible to market swings like capital-gains investments, which means that even in bad times, money still flows into your pockets.

Additionally, cash flow is what is known as passive income, which is the lowest taxed type of income. This is not always the case with capital gains taxes, which vary depending on the type of asset you’ve invested in and how long you’ve owned that asset. In some cases, taxes can be very high.

If you’re ready to start enjoying the lifestyle advantages of cash flow, don’t miss my recent blog on getting started with real estate:

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How to Live a Debt Free Life + How to Get Extra Money for Expenses

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How to Live a Debt Free Life + How to Get Extra Money for Expenses

I’ve lived a debt-free life my entire life, meaning I have NEVER owed anyone any money. I was setup for success in some ways by my parents, but I’ve also made a lot of smart financial and personal decisions to maintain this deft free lifestyle. There are definitely ways to stay on top of things when it comes to managing your money and staying clear of debt. So if you’re interested in how I’ve managed to live debt-free throughout several degrees and as a working professional, plus advice on how to make extra money for large expenses instead of accumulating credit card debt, watch this video!

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10 Steps To Financial Freedom – How To Be Good With Money

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Today we share with you ten steps you can take to achieve complete financial freedom!
If you could design your life and plan everything in it, what would it look like? Whatever it its, it will involve you having money and being good with it. Some people would love to travel all over the world, some people would love to own and live in their dream houses, and others may want to be able to pursue their dreams, or maybe even have that dream wedding they’ve always wanted and so much more, the list is endless.
While they do say money won’t buy you happiness, it sure does play a big role. Almost everything you choose to do requires you to part with some bucks. I’m not trying to say money is everything but it really is important. And like Kanye West puts it, “money isn’t everything, but not having it is.” But, we’re not here to give you second-hand advice from rappers. In todays video, we will share with 10 steps you can use to achieve your financial goals, and maybe even in the process create some serious wealth. Enjoy!


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