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My Debt Free Scream with Dave Ramsey | Aja Dang

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I’m Aja Dang and this is a vlog that has been over two years in the making…. I flew to Nashville to do my debt free scream with Dave Ramsey! After reading Total Money Makeover and deciding to change my life by getting my finances in order, the main thing that kept me going through those feelings of frustration and self doubt was that I was determined to pay off my loans in order to do my Debt Free Scream in person. It almost didn’t happen due to brand payments not arriving on time (shocker) but the money gods were on my side and a major goal in my life has been accomplished.

Hopefully this video will inspire you to keep going on your debt free journey and NEVER EVER EVER give up.

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DEBT FREE in 30 MONTHS – Inspired by Dave Ramsey

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This all happened in a manner of two weeks. Austin drove up from Louisville, Kentucky because I begged him to let me tell this story. I’m so pumped about this because I’m just so passionate about seeing people be successful and getting out of debt. It’s so awesome to see!

Please chat with us about debt!!

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Hey guys! In today’s video I am sharing some of my top tips for maintaining a debt free lifestyle.

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THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING DEBT FREE | What We've Learned After 5 Years (Dave Ramsey Inspired)

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Our debt free journey began 8 years ago. We’ve been living debt free for the past five after doing our debt free scream on the Dave Ramsey show in 2015.

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We’re technically millennials, so I guess that would make us debt free millennials. But the thing about being debt free is that, while it’s easy to think it’s the end goal financially, becoming debt free is actually not the end goal. The end goal, at least for us, is financial freedom. Independence. The ability to do whatever we want, when we want, and not have to worry about how much it costs (to a certain extent).

Right now, even though we’re debt free, we still have bills to pay. Rent, utilities, food, insurance, clothing, etc. Our end goal is to create a series of income sources (both passive income from investments, and online income) so we can cover all of our necessary expenses from the interest our investments make, and have fun with the online income. Or we may reverse that. We’re still figuring it out.


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