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Get Your Ex Back – Do This First After Break Up

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Did you go through a breakup and you want to get your ex back, if so, you’re in the right place. in this video, you will learn a step by step approach on how to get your ex back.

Step One is to Follow the Plan – Not Your Heart- This is the first and most important step because if your heart is broken and in pain, your heart is going to want you to do whatever you can to get that person back. The heart wants what it wants … Your heart wants your ex back so it can be happy again, right. And it’s your heart that makes you do things out of desperation…

That’s why you need a plan. A good plan will provide you the structure and support you need to get your ex back for good. It will help you get yourself back on track emotionally so that you and your ex will have a chance of really making it work the second time around. After all, that’s the goal. Without a plan, it is easy to fall into familiar patterns that could hurt your chances of ever getting him back at all — or getting him back only to lose him again. So.. the most important Rule is to stick to the plan.. got it? OK

Step Two – NO Contact – Cold Turkey
When it comes to a breakup, going cold turkey means you Stop Communicating, Negotiating or scheming to get your ex back. Cold turkey means that you do not initiate communication with your ex… it also means that you stop following them on social media. After all, You don’t want reminders of your ex popping up on your news feed and Instagram feed every day. And I know, I know…. Many of you are probably thinking.. why am I trying to break my dependence on him if I’m trying to get back with him. Well.. there are three critical reasons why you must break the dependence and go no contact for a period of time.. usually 30 days or so.

Reason 1 : The no-contact rule forces him to experience life without you. When you follow the no contact rule, you give him the time and space to miss you. This can only happen in your absence, not in your presence. And not only does he have experience missing you, he has to experience the fear of losing you.

I’m Dr Antonio Borrello, and I’m a psychologist and relationship coach. This channel is all about helping you build great relationships so you can grow happy with the people you love. So, if you’re interested in making your love life the best part of your life, start now by subscribing here.

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Masterful Ways of Saving Your Marriage From the Brink of Divorce (AVOID DOING THIS)

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Is your marriage at the brink of a divorce and you are losing hope of saving your marriage? Or you are wondering if saving your marriage alone is even possible?

Most people believe that saving your marriage takes two to tango, and any attempts of saving your marriage is useless, and that there are no ways of saving your marriage on the brink of divorce.

In this video, I am going to show you the key mistakes to avoid when trying to save your marriage and show you the common toxic problems that you need to be aware of while saving your marriage.

These are crucial mindset shifts that all my clients in my program have embraced to empower themselves with the skills to save their marriage.

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Learn The Proven 5-Step Process to Empower Yourself to Rebuild Your Relationship/Marriage

How to Properly Lead Conversations to open Up & Heal Your Partner’s Emotions

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What To Do If She Needs Space

Dealing With Stonewalling in Relationship

How to Communicate Better in Relationships

Marriage Separation Advice

Facing Divorce? Here’s What You Can Do!



Wife Wants to Separate: Mastering The 3 KEY Artful Principles to Help You Reconcile

How to Save My Marriage Alone When Wife Has Lost Hope (Master These PIVOTAL Paradigms)

Relationships Revival Reviews…


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. It takes guts and nerves of steel to make your marriage work. In this episode, I will share to you my top 5 secrets for saving your marriage from falling down.

00:15 You can be right, or you can be married
02:48 A negative cascade
03:27 Sharpen communication
05:43 Choose this always
08:07 My final tip

Watch and Enjoy!
Dr. Paul Jenkins

How To Save Marriage On The Brink Of Divorce

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How To Save My Marriage

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Are you asking, “How to save my marriage?” If so, Coach Lee shares with you how to save a marriage from divorce, even if you are the only one trying or wanting to save it.

When it comes to saving a marriage from separation and divorce, it’s important to have a strategy instead of just emotion or advice from well-meaning family members who don’t have the knowledge that experience brinks.

In relationships, especially when two people are married, perception and direction are vital. What that means is that what your spouse perceives you are doing for or against the marriage can impact whether or not they choose to keep trying to save your marriage.

If your spouse believes that you are making an effort and the relationship is moving in a good direction, a spouse who wants to leave could change his or her mind.

If, however, things seem to stay the same and your spouse sees themselves as trapped in a marriage that they honestly don’t even want to save, there is no motivation for your spouse to put in the work to try.

That is especially true if this is a second or third attempt at improving or salvaging a marriage.

If your marriage needs help, this video can be a powerful resource to prevent a divorce and save it.

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Want a healthy and happy relationship? Join Lisa Brenninkmeyer as she unveils the truth about marriage and explains how to set yourself up for success before saying “I do.”

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3 Signs You'll Never Get Your Ex Back

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Brad Browning aka ‘Breakup Brad’ here… welcome to this video, where I’ll be sharing the top 3 signs that indicate you’ve got zero chance of ever getting back together with your ex. It’s a bit of a depressing topic, but I’m confident that most of you out there watching this video right now will NOT have to worry, because you won’t have seen any of these signs from your ex already…. So for most of you beautiful people watching, you’re actually going to feel a bit better about your chances by the time this brief video is over.

Sign #1 that indicates you’re never going to get your ex back is….

Your ex has remarried! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, if your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend… or even your ex-husband or ex-wife… if they’ve tied the knot with someone else since your breakup, then sadly it is OVER and it’s time for you to move on. I doubt anyone watching this is facing this kind of situation, but I have had a few clients in the past who were trying to win back an ex that had already remarried… sadly, in those very rare cases, it’s time to accept the reality of things and give up.

Sign #2… your ex has filed a restraining order or other legal proceedings against you. I know you probably think this is pretty obvious, but you’d be amazed how irrational some people can become in the aftermath of a tough breakup. Most mistakes, like begging and pleading, can be overcome if you have a solid game plan and stop making those kinds of mistakes quickly enough…. But if you’re at the point where police become involved, where there’s any kind of legal restriction on you because of something you did or said to your ex… well, I’m sorry, but it’s time to move on. There’s usually a pretty good reason when your ex takes that kind of drastic step to keep you away, so it’s best to just give up and avoid further problems.

Time to move on to Sign #3…. when it’s been more than a YEAR since your breakup, and you have NO WAY to contact your ex because they’ve blocked your number, moved out of town, or just disappeared completely.

Now, please note that I specifically qualified this one by saying “when it’s been more than a year”… that’s because often, right after a breakup, your ex may disappear on you and stop responding to calls and texts. If that’s in the first month or two — maybe even several months later — then you may still have a chance of getting them back, especially if you know through mutual friends or word of mouth that your ex is still around and living in the same town. BUT… when you start talking about a year or more after the breakup… at that point, if your ex has completely shut you out of their life by changing their phone number, blocking you on social media, moving to the other side of the country…. Then unfortunately 99% of the time, that’s game over for your chances of winning them back.

Now, you’ve learned about 3 signs that indicate you’ll never be able to win back your ex… I bet you’re not facing any of those 3 situations yourself, are you? See, I told you that by the end of this video, you’d be feeling a little more optimistic about your chances. Now it’s time, though, to stop making any mistakes that you may have been making in the past, up until now… and it’s time to get yourself back on track to reverse your breakup and start over with your ex.

And that’s it for today ladies and gentlemen, thanks for tuning in as always… best of luck out there, see you next time.

Hello, My Powerful Creators! So glad you are here! Today’s video is all about how to manifest your ex back FAST. This was a highly requested video by many of you and I am so glad to tell my formula. Looking forward to all the stories of how you manifested your ex back. This video is also about manifest a specific person. Maybe you want to work with someone or know someone, you can use this formula to do so too! I know it will work for you like it works for me. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below. I love you all so much and thank you for watching!


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Sex aur Shadi | Guide to Happy Marriage Life (in URDU)

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The Best Sex Guide for Healthy and happy Marriage Life.

Many marriages in Pakistan are troubled by sexual incompatibility but no one talks about it
Lack of sex education and sexual intimacy has adverse effects on couples’ married lives.
As a set norm in Pakistan, married couples are expected to deal with sexual incompatibility behind closed doors and drawn curtains. In this silent struggle, many red flags go unnoticed until it is too late.
These stories are far too common in Pakistani society. A number of young people, especially women, have heartbreaking accounts surrounding sexual dissatisfaction in wedlock.
But the issue doesn’t only extend to women; men, too, struggle to discern head from tail. Couples aren’t aware of the basic dos and don’ts of having sex. They are yet to inform themselves on what may result in a pregnancy.
Curiosity around sex and asking questions about it is discouraged. When compared, this censorship is especially strong among teenage girls as sexual empowerment for women remains a taboo subject in our society.
People can only be prepared on what to expect if they are taught about sex from a young age, preferably their teens. Radio silence about these matters leads teenagers, especially girls, into believing that sex is an unspeakable crime or sexual activity makes them untouchable.
Ideally, the government should take up the responsibility to educate masses about healthy sexual habits
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How To Save Your Marriage: 3 Brave Steps to Save A Loveless Marriage

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Want to improve your marriage? Click here:


In this video I teach you a few steps on how to pump life back into your marriage and keep it alive forever

Hope you enjoy the video! Please leave your comments below!

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Best Advice to Get an Ex Back

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Best Advice to Get an Ex Back

If you would like my personal advice, email me at I ask for a €25 donation to my PayPal (same as my email) as courtesy for my time.
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In this video, Dating Guy gives you the key details for how to get your Ex back. He explains what not to do and what to do if you want your ex to come back.

Most dating coaches will advise you to come up with a strategy to contact your Ex after they break up with you. But Dating Guy tells you not to believe this. If you understand why someone breaks up with someone, then you will understand that they need to be the one to contact you to get you back.

Dating Guy explains self worth and that chasing your ex is a bad idea. If you want to get your ex back you need to demonstrate strength and resolve to reattract them. If your ex comes back then you can ask them out and get back together. But if an ex breaks up with you and never contacts you there is likely nothing that you can do and contacting them will only push them further away.

Dating Guy outlines the best advice to get your ex back for free. If you had an amazing relationship with a lot of love, then there is no reason your ex will not contact you at some point. But you need to be patient to get your ex back and not act like you need them at all. If you show your ex how sad you are and how much you need them, they will not come back as they feel guilty. Exes do come back often, or at least contact you and you can take it from there, but if you want the best advice to get your ex back, Dating Guy will help.

#dating #breakup #exes
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LOVE LESSONS – 125+ Years of Marriage Advice in 3 Minutes

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How did they do it? Three couples with over 125 years of combined marriage experience share the secret to their success….
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How To Show Them You've Changed & Save Your Marriage

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One of the most common questions that we get at Marriage Helper are from spouses who are asking, “What can I do to show my spouse that I have changed and how can I get them to come back?”

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People are asking us this question because we’re so desperately wanting to do something to change where the marriage is headed, stop it in its tracks, and bring that spouse back. But there are so many things that go into this that it’s not just a simple pill, a quick sentence, or a quick solution. It actually takes you first understanding some of the things that have perhaps pushed your spouse away, and then beginning to change your behavior over a period of time for that to happen.

So, Dr. Beam, how are we supposed to go about understanding how to bring our spouses back and show them that we have changed?

I wish we had a very short, simple answer to that with some magic words, and then you could go do the incantation and all of a sudden it works, but it’s not that way. Kimberly Holmes is our CEO here at Marriage Helper. As we talk about this, understand that typically marriage difficulties didn’t occur overnight. It took a while for those things to develop. Now, can they happen that rapidly? Yes, occasionally they can. But the questions we’ll be dealing with today with the callers that have called in, are not situations that occurred instantaneously. Actually, those are very, very rare, but things that happened over a period of time. And that’s what Kimberly just said. So, remember these two things as we go through this. If you want to resolve a marriage issue, two words that you must remember and almost use as an incantation, if you will, would be consistency and time. Kimberly, we talk a lot in our workshop for example, and we won’t try to replicate all of that here about Sternberg’s triangulation of love. Sternberg is a great researcher. Researches in three or four major areas one of which is, “what is love?”. Without having time to explain all of that, basically Dr. Sternberg says that love has three basic components. One is called intimacy. One is called passion, and one is called commitment. Let me define those very quickly then we’re going to talk about them. Intimacy has to do with, “into-me-see”. In other words, I can be open, transparent, and vulnerable to you, and you can also be those same things to me. We build trust based on that. We open ourselves up to each other based on that. I feel accepted by you as I am not as you wish me to be. The same thing’s happening the other way around, it’s reciprocal between the two of us. Passion has to do with sex, of course, but it’s a lot more than that. Sternberg defines it as being a craving for oneness. It’s what I feel at any given moment. The more intentionally I feel, the more passionate I think that I have, or feel that I have. The third one commitment has to do with either something you evolve into like one day you realize, “wait a minute, we’ve developed a relationship where I really want to be here,” or it could be an actual decision that you make, “I’ve decided I want to commit to being with you.” While one says, “commitment can be made one time, and then you live it the rest of your life.” In another sense, it really is made on a daily basis because of the fact that life can change. Now, Kimberly, we do a great deal on spending a lot of our time in our workshops explaining that more than we can do here.


0:00 Your Spouse Doesn’t Think You’ve Changed
1:34 How To Show Your Spouse You’ve Changed
11:53 What If Positive Changes Aren’t Enough For My Spouse?
26:14 How Do I Convince My Spouse I’m A Better Person Now?
38:04 What If My Wife Lost Trust In Me After Years Of Unmet Promises?
45:55 How Do I Show My Spouse I Won’t Be Controlling Anymore?
54:17 Key Takeaways From This Episode
57:44 Valuable Tool In Helping People Change For The Better

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Part 1/3 || A Guide to Islamic Marriage – Ustadh Abdulrahman Hassan

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