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Dr. Beam tells you how to save your marriage after an affair. What to do if you just confessed an affair. How to confess an affair but keep your marriage. Dr. Joe Beam discusses what to do before or after confessing an affair to your spouse.

Betrayed people want you (the betrayer) to know how much you’ve hurt them. They have trouble believing that you could grasp that, since you can’t fully understand- you’re not in their shoes. Show them that you know you hurt them by apologizing and not trying to justify your previous actions. The betrayed doesn’t want to hear any excuses. Also, when the betrayed spouse asks questions, do not give them any descriptions, because then they will start conjuring mental images, which only makes things worse. They only need to see that you know you hurt them and how much you regret it.

If you are asking “How can I save my marriage after an affair,” this video should be helpful to you.

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