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Standing For Your Marriage Alone

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It IS possible to stand for your marriage alone.

Now, it might seem impossible, it might seem crazy, (and you might not know where to start)
but it can just take one spouse wanting to save the marriage to actually start saving the marriage.

But you can’t stay where you are- you need to stand. You need to be strong and grounded even when life doesn’t go your way; even if your spouse is cold or distant. You need to do something to create change- even just within yourself.

But what more can you do? Where do you start!?

Start by knowing you can’t “force” your spouse to change. Start by getting up and focusing on what you can do to move forward. Yes, your marriage is important- we believe this wholeheartedly and want to help you save your marriage- but it is not the only thing that brings value to your life. You are still a father, mother, son, daughter, friend, co-worker, boss. Don’t forget that there are people that need you.

When you’re only focused on what’s going wrong…when you’re anxious, when you’re depressed, you can lose sight of people around you and you can lose sight of what you can start doing.

The people we’ve worked with who have SAVED their marriage had one thing in common: one spouse wanted out of the marriage but the other spouse, wanting to save it:
-stuck with it long enough
-was willing to make changes,
– and made changes within themself

One spouse was willing to do these things and made it possible for the two of them to come back together.

Here’s what you can do starting today.

Get calm so you won’t react in a frazzled state and remove all of the negative influences in your life (people, social media.)

Get focused and recenter yourself. Do the right things to move forward. Work on yourself; work on your PIES [ Check out the PIES Video Here: ]

Stop doing things that “push” your spouse away and start using SMART contact to establish POSITIVE communication [Check out the SMART Contact Video Here: ]

Get ready for change to happen. Hopefully in your marriage, but definitely in yourself. Believe that it is possible & believe that it is worth it… that there’s hope, that there’s a future. And, make a way for change to happen. It will be painful- it may be the worst thing you’ve gone through, but use the situation to grow; to become a better person. Become someone who GROWS during hardship- a new, better person, and hopefully a better marriage.

Want to hear how one woman saved her marriage even after 4 years of her husband living thousands of miles away? Check out (10:26).


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Save Your Marriage Alone: How to Artfully Reconcile A Marriage

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In this video, I am going to show you the answer to the question “How to artfully reconcile a marriage?” and show you that it is possible even if your partner wants no part of it. So stay tuned to the end of this video for the key mindset shifts you need to make to guide and help you save your marriage.


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