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3 Tips to Get Your Ex Back In Long Distance Relationships

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3 Tips to Get Your Ex Back In Long Distance Relationships

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Are you in a long distance relationship and is wondering how you can get your ex back? In this video, I share my top 3 tips on how to approach your ex and get them back if you’re in an LDR.

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Ashley “Don’t Give Up On Love” Kay
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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back | Easy Steps To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend

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Matt Artisan shows you how to get your ex girlfriend back after a tough breakup!
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Screwed things up with the girl of your dreams? International Dating Coach Matt Artisan will help you get your ex girlfriend back!

Most of the time when a relationship ends, it’s best to learn from your mistakes and move on. Instead of trying to get your ex girlfriend back from a toxic relationship, you should just start a new one.

When you want to learn how to win back your ex girlfriend, then you’re going to have to understand one thing. Obsessing over her won’t do you any good. Instead of thinking of things to say to get your ex back – why not give her some time to herself? Getting desperate over the question “how to get my ex girlfriend back” really isn’t going to help you at all.

Matt explains:

►How guys can be MORE ATTRACTIVE even after a break-up!

►The common mistakes that push your Ex away…

►The BEST APPROACH to get her back after she left you.

►How to PICK YOURSELF UP after the end of a toxic relationship!

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Matt Artisan is the leading expert in transforming the lives of men and empowering them to create authentic relationships. He was voted “World’s Best New Dating Coach”. Over the past 7 years, he’s coached in over 40 countries, including U.S.A., Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, and many more… He’s the creator of Turn Her On Through Text, the C.Q.C. Day Game Method, and the 2-Minute Chase Me Method.

The Attractive Man is an international dating company famous for teaching “Deep Authentic Attraction.” It was founded by Matt Artisan and since has trained men in the art of attraction in over 40 different countries around the world.

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6 Tips To Get A Stubborn Ex Back — 6 Tips To Get a Stubborn Ex Back

So how do you get a stubborn ex back? In this video, I’m going to answer precisely this.

How’s it going everyone? My name’s Brad Browning, AKA The Ex Back Geek. I’m YouTube’s number one break and marriage expert, and I’ve been helping men and women fix their ailing relationships for over 12 years now. So if you’re looking to get back together with an ex, or if you marriage is in need of help, then subscribe to my channel… and be sure to hit that little “bell” icon beside the subscribe button so that you can get notified every single time I release a brand-new video!

So without any further BS, I’m going to talk about the top 6 tips that you can use right now to make sure that your stubborn ex boyfriend or girlfriend comes flying back into your arms for good.

Are you ready? Alright, let’s do this

1.) What you have to do in this situation is to make your ex FEEL like they’re in the control. You have to allow your ex to feel like they’re dictating what’s happening between you two. You need to convince your ex to come back on their OWN volition, because the harder you press a stubborn ex to change their mind, the more “dug in” they’ll want to be and the MORE they’ll resist your advances

2.) The second tip that I have is to make sure that you’re not forcing a relationship with your ex. Again, you need to make them feel that they’re coming back to YOU and not the other way around. The more you beg and plead for your ex to come back to you, the more stubborn your ex will get. I know this totally sounds counter intuitive – after all, this tactic always works in Hollywood movies, right?

3.) Give them the space they need. Again, I’ve talked about No Contact here… but I really need to emphasize this… especially when you’re dealing with a stubborn ex. You’re not going to change their minds overnight, no matter what. In fact, the more stubborn they are, usually the more time it takes for them to allow their feelings to change.

This isn’t an exact science, unfortunately… and every situation is indeed different. So if you feel like your situation is unique and in need of some help, I encourage to sign up for my coaching program! To learn more about how you can hire me as your personal breakup coach, just head on over to and get your ex back as soon as humanly possible. Plus, my coaching program is INSANELY affordable so you don’t have to break your bank to hire me.

4.) At some point after a period of radio silence, you’re going to want to set up a meet with your ex. I’m not going to go into detail on how to do this as I have dozens of other videos on how you can set up a proper date with your ex… so if you’re curious to learn more about that then watch those videos after this one.

You can do this by incorporating what I call “Value Stories” – these are subtle yet powerful stories that exhibit a ton of sexual and emotional value. Once your ex hears enough of these sorts of stories, they’ll want to come back to you… even despite their reservations before.

5.) Begin building sexual connection again. Remember, subtly is the name of the game here. You’re not going to get your ex back by kicking in the door and pushing your agenda on them. You’re going to have to utilize SUBTLE, psychological tools and tricks to make your ex to come running back to you.

For more tips and tricks on how to convey powerful sexual messages to your ex, head on over to and watch that free ‘how to’ video. In it, you’ll find the DEFINITIVE guide to getting your ex back. Again, that’s, so head on over there after you watch this video.

6.) Build EMOTIONAL attraction. Making your stubborn ex come back to you isn’t just about sex. It’s also about building that inner connection with them and giving them that warm, fuzzy feeling everyone keeps talking about.

This is an area that only YOU can master since they’re YOUR memories, but subtly reminding your stubborn ex of these nostalgic emotions will psychologically force your ex to fall back into your arms (and into your bed)… for good.

Anyways, that’s all that I have for you guys today. I hope you found this video helpful. If not, then feel free to ask me questions in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you.

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How To Get An Ex Back Who Lost Feelings For You

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How To Get An Ex Back Who Lost Feelings For You

If you want to know how to get an ex back who lost feelings for you, the first thing to figure out how to do is how to ignite that spark again in your ex. But before that, you need to acknowledge that the spark has been lost. You need to recognize the reality that your ex is over you.

Now this may cause you to become needy and overbearing for fear of losing your ex even more, or even worse, lose them to someone else. Your neediness is only going to push them further away. So do not forget the rules of attraction! Just because you attracted your ex once, does not mean that you are exempt from doing it again.

Brush up on your dating and seduction skills. But even before that, get a sense of inner peace through the process of personal transformation that is part of our philosophy. As Coach Steven and Coach Samira say in today’s video, you need to come correct in order to wow your ex and ignite that fresh new spark.


Our Mission is to help people find happiness in love, and to provide individuals and couples with the communication tools and relevant techniques to be together in healthy sustainable relationships.

Over the years we have helped people in all types of breakups, separation and divorces successfully get back together, and I highly encourage you to look into out how we’ve been so successful:

The WMEA MasterClass

The MasterClass To Get The Man You Love Back:

The MasterClass To Get The Woman You Love Back:

In The WMEA MasterClass You’ll Discover:
– 6 Powerful Situation-Specific Handwritten Letters
– The Seal The Deal Map
– A Radio Silence Time Scale
– 30 Ways To Seduce Your Ex
– The 50 Most Frequently Asked Questions In Breakup Recovery
– A Guide for Personal Transformation
– The Wheel Of Personal Transformation
– A Personal Transformation Checklist

What We Are Most Proud Of Is Just That: It Really Works

There are so many elements of this program that make us so proud. But by far the best bragging point for us, is that it really works. We’ve worked with thousands of people just like you. Crushed by a breakup, determined to get their woman back, and ready for some tested strategies and honest advice. I’m so proud to say that our clients come back to us all the time with incredibly inspirational success stories

While our goal is obviously to get you back together with the one you love, unlike some of our competitors, that’s not all we care about. We want to see you grow into a happier, stronger, more confident individual ready to build a sustainable, loving relationship with a bright future.

That’s why our MasterClass covers how to find your way back into a relationship with your ex, and how to prepare yourself for some of the challenges you will face along the way.

We pour our hearts into this work, and we’re really proud to be a support system for the people we help. If you’ve lost the woman you love, the woman you want to spend your life with, we truly want to play our part to help you get her back. That’s why we’ve developed this program to help you with every step along the way.

We want to fully support you and make sure you have everything you need, because we really want to see you back together. That’s also why we’ve made this course way more detailed and comprehensive than any other in the world.

The MasterClass To Get The Man You Love Back:

The MasterClass To Get The Woman You Love Back:


1-On-1 Private Coaching Sessions:

We also offer one on one Private Coaching Sessions for individuals who are interested in speeding up the process of breakup recovery and get back together with the person they love quickly by letting our experts guide you personally:

Private Coaching Sessions With Our Experts Here:

It would truly be our pleasure to help you be and with the one you love, as always keep fighting the good fight and I wish you all the very best.


Coach Alex, Coach Adrian, Coach Natalie, Coach Steven & Coach Samira
The WMEA Team
Relationship Experts from


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3 Powerful Ways To Make Your Ex Beg For You Back — Take our free 2 minute quiz to figure out what kind of chance you have of getting your ex back!

3 Powerful Ways To Make Your Ex Beg For You Back

In this video were going to discuss;
– Element #1 – The Push/Pull Theory
– Element #2 –The Juxtaposition of Investment and Fear of Loss
– Element #3 – Gaining Leverage

Element #1 – The Push/Pull Theory
This isn’t something I created, this is something I have learned about and made alterations based on what I’ve seen work and what hasn’t worked. So, what is it?

After a break up there are two types of people, the pusher, who wants people to go away. And the puller, the one who pulls the other person back in. You’re going to give them both sides of the coin, you’re going to push them and then pull them.

People care about emotions, so you cannot logic your way out of this, but if you want your ex to become a puller and want to be around you it’s important for you to understand that you have to get them to invest into you.

Element #2 –The Juxtaposition of Investment and Fear of Loss
A lot of the time people don’t realise I talk a lot about the fear of loss and its importance in getting your ex back. You need to create this sense in a fear of loss and that they can lose you at any time. Most people falsely believe that their ex has invested a lot of time in them and their relationship.

Element #3 – Gaining Leverage
The most important thing is the amount your ex has invested into the relationship. But there is also more you can do to get your ex more invested in you again. When I ask my clients about why would your ex want to come back to you, I get the deer in headlights look because they don’t know what to say. So, working on yourself so that you know your worth and make your ex regret losing you is how you gain leverage after a break up.

If you apply all these things, you will have a great chance of getting you ex to beg for you back.

Here is the companion article:

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Negative Reinforcement To Get Your Ex Back

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In this video Coach Lee discusses how negative reinforcement can get your ex back and what negative reinforcement actually is.

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What Is Your Ex Thinking During No Contact?

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Apne Ex ko Wapas Kaise Paye 5 Tips for How to get your ex back in Hindi. The Official Geet provides relationship advice in Hindi and love tips in Hindi for those who are interested in dating in India, love marriage or arranged marriage or any type of relationship in India whether it be boyfriend girlfriend or husband wife or even friendship or saas bahu, parent child or any other type of relationships.

The Official Geet is a Motivational speaker and Tiktok star from India who provides the best relationship advice in Hindi and love tips in Hindi for students and adults through the best motivation video.

It would mean so much to me if you would leave a COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel!

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How To Get Your Ex Back – The Right Way!

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In this video, we talk about the psychology behind how to get an ex back and why it is critical to maintain your integrity in the process. There is a lot of advice on how to get your ex back online. However, Craig and Margaret are two professionals who have over 60 years in the field of psychology. Getting help from a professional can make the difference between getting an ex back, and losing them by taking advice with no formal education or understanding of psychology.

Often times you will find advice on how to get your ex back that suggest you do foolish ideas such as a “handwritten letter” or a “good reminder text”. If you hear these suggestions, it’s a red flag that the advice is coming from someone who does not truly understand breakups. They may also suggest using text messages that can easily get them back. This is not the case. You will find that it will more harm than good and ultimately regret it.

Pay close attention to Craig and Margaret so you don’t ruin your chances of making things worse!

Learn how to get your ex back and how a more satisfying and healthy relationship is possible for you.

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Get your Ex back 110% with this LOA powerful technique(hindi)

It is all about positive vibes
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ki techniques, Manifestations, Positivity, Self love और LOA से जुड़ी बारीकीयों पर बात करते है ताकी हम LOA को अच्छे से समझकर अपनी हर Wish को आसानी से पूरा कर सकें😇 🙏हम LOA से मिली सफल कहानियों को इस चैनल पर share करते है 😇हम भगवागीता से जुड़ कर भी बात करते है सारे श्लोक आज के जीवन में लगा कर समझने की कोशिश इस चैनल पर करते है 😇🙏हमारी healing workshop भी चलती है जिसमें
chakra healing से लेकर self love और पूरा Law of Attraction करते हैं , हमारी वर्कशॉप zoom पर होती है जिसमें हम आपकी personal wish पर Manifestation भी आपसे ही करवाते है आसानी से Manifestation कैसे करें ये भी Cover करते है वर्कशॉप की हर जानकारी आपको इस no पर मिल जाएंगी Anil 8369924871
हमारी Manifestation kit butterfly और भी सब Manifestation journals आपको इस number पर contact करने से जानकारी के साथ book कर सकते hai😇🙏
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Water affirmation khud se pyar kaise kare

Jo wish Manifest naa kar paa rahe ho wo ye try kariye

Manifestation k samay alag alag Butterflies dikhne ka kya matlab hai

LOA k liye itni sari techniques kyu hai

meri 5 rupay k sikke ki kahani🥰

Jaldi se apni energy high kaise kare

Call ya Message Manifest karte samay ye galtiya kabhi naa kare

Jaldi Manifest hone wala ho tab milte hai ye sign

Powerful night Manifestation technique

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Love vibration kaise bhejni chahiye

LOA Best Five steps

step no. 1,

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telepathy 👇

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meditation for beginners link 👇

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Guided Meditation to Manifest Your Ex back Using Manifestation Love Portal [MUST TRY!!]

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This is NOT for all! Just for those who want to Manifest their Ex back using the law of attraction. If you have gone through a breakup and finding it hard to let go and are sure you want to attract your ex back using the secret then this powerful guided meditation will help you release all blockages, raise your vibrational frequencies to heal and attract your ex back into your life. Those who get responses from your ex after this meditation please come back to share with everyone so that it can help others do the same.
Sending you all love and prayers.
Sri Akarshana

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When you’re trying to get your ex back, it’s easy to overreact and make a lot of bad decisions that will only push your ex further away.

Dating/relationship expert Lucia gives a detailed, step-by-step account of how she helped one of her clients get his ex back.

Lucia is an internationally known dating/relationship expert, author of “Lucia’s Lessons of Love”, former host of “The Art of Love” TV and radio shows, a syndicated columnist and keynote speaker.

She has over 100 major national and international TV and radio credits including Dr. Phil, The Tyra Banks Show, E! Entertainment, 60 Minutes Australia, The CBS Early Show, ABC 7 News, Good Day L.A and the KTLA News.

Lucia has been interviewed by numerous publications including Details, Business Week, Allure, Elle and media from Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, the UK, Australia, Azerbaijan, Chile and Denmark.

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7 Sound Reasons Not To Get Back With Your Ex

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7 Sound Reasons Not To Get Back With Your Ex

It’s hard missing someone, because it completely throws off your judgment. Everything becomes specifically narrowed and focused on that one person. People often say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but letting that kind of power dictate and immobilize you will only leave you feeling miserable and empty-handed. Before you even think about getting back together with your ex, here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t.

Original Article:

Script: Victoria Fong
Voice Over: Jim Monteforte
Animation: Grace Cárdenas Cano

Feedback Editor: Risha Maes
Project Manager: Erin Bogo
Producer: Psych2Go

More Psych2Go here:

Get your Ex back!

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get ur ex back asap subliminal

get your ex back 20 Comments »

with this subliminal, ur ex will:
-desperately need u
-desperately want u back
-crave u
-want to date
-text you
-call you
-facetime you
-ask to facetime
-stalk your instagram
-like your instagram pics
-snapchat you
-want to hang out
-constantly think of you
-always dream of you


tips: wear headphones, drink water, and envision what you want from the subliminal. think like you already have it! a doubtful mind will automatically refuse to listen to the affirmations.

to buy a very custom subliminal email:

Subliminal messages are messages (phrases and images) that operate below the level of conscious awareness and delivered in a way to be perceived from the subconscious mind. They may be audio subliminal messages and of course, visual.

For example, we can take the phrase “I am confident” and embed it into a music track where the conscious mind will not hear it clearly or in a video in which will be displayed for a split second, so the conscious mind will not have enough time to process it logically. In both cases, the phrase is clearly perceivable from the subconscious mind.

The constant repetition of this phrase or others helps on rewiring (creating new neural pathways) long thought patterns and one to think more positively, lose weight, have more confidence etc.

(Provided by

background music: Copyrights© goes to it’s rightful owners.

Request a subliminal in the comments!
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Why You Should Get Back Together With Your Ex

get your ex back 20 Comments » — Why You Should Get Back Together With Your Ex

Whhhhats up YouTube, this is Brad Browning… you guys already know who I am, and you know my videos are all about breakups and getting back together with an ex. Today’s video is probably going to stir up a bit of controversy, because in a second I’m going to explain a few reasons why you SHOULD get back together with your ex.

See, I frequently see comments on my YouTube videos where people say stuff like, “Your ex is your ex for a reason!” or “OMG you should never get back together with your ex!!”… now, sometimes that’s actually true… some relationships just aren’t worth saving. Occasionally, a person might simply have no chance of winning back your ex. If you’re worried that might be the case for you, you can take the free quiz I’ve built to evaluate your chances of reviving the relationship… to take the quiz, go to

So, there are a few exceptions… but most of the time, breakups don’t happen because two people are just fundamentally wrong for one another. Usually — and I’m sure many of you watching this video can relate to this — a relationship will begin perfectly, full of passion… couples will be madly in love, share an intimate connection, and want to spend every waking moment together. But then, usually gradually over time, things start going downhill.

But the key thing here is that most relationships WERE great in their early stages. You found a compatible partner, fell in love, and built a close connection. That doesn’t happen easily or often, I’m afraid. You don’t fall in love with just anyone… we’ve all been on terrible first dates and been in short-lived relationships that had no future.

See, developing an intimate bond with someone, falling in love… it’s relatively rare. Most relationships or flings will fizzle out long before they get to that stage. If finding a soulmate was so easy, and you’d be compatible with just about anyone of the opposite sex, then we’d all be married to the person we went on our first date with. No-one would be single for more than a week or two after a breakup.

I think that my point here is pretty clear: you had a great relationship with your ex at some point. You know you’re compatible and have the ability to love one another. But, somewhere along the way, things unraveled and the relationship went downhill. What if you realized what went wrong and knew how to avoid it next time around? If you and your ex were to get a second chance at love… start from scratch, and this time get it right the first time around… why couldn’t the relationship stay healthy and lead to a lifetime together?

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