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5 Text Messages To SAVE Your Marriage

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Hi, this is Danny, your Life & Relationship Coach and in this video, I’m going to give you 5 tips for creating text messages that will save your marriage.

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00:00 Meet Danny, Life & Relationship Coach
00:52 5 Text Messages to Save Your Marriage
01:00 Tip 1 – Compliments
02:13 Tip 3 – Memories
02:48 Tip 4 – Questions
03:35 Tip 5 Sharing experiences
04:20 Recap of 5 Text Messages

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How To Save Marriage After An Affair

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Dr. Beam tells you how to save your marriage after an affair. What to do if you just confessed an affair. How to confess an affair but keep your marriage. Dr. Joe Beam discusses what to do before or after confessing an affair to your spouse.

Betrayed people want you (the betrayer) to know how much you’ve hurt them. They have trouble believing that you could grasp that, since you can’t fully understand- you’re not in their shoes. Show them that you know you hurt them by apologizing and not trying to justify your previous actions. The betrayed doesn’t want to hear any excuses. Also, when the betrayed spouse asks questions, do not give them any descriptions, because then they will start conjuring mental images, which only makes things worse. They only need to see that you know you hurt them and how much you regret it.

If you are asking “How can I save my marriage after an affair,” this video should be helpful to you.

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Save Your Marriage in 7 Minutes

Moira Brown speaks with Steve Arterburn about his book, “7 Minute Marriage Solution” and why divorce is not the easy way out.
Steve Arterburn-Founder, New Life Ministries, Women of Faith Conferences-Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Teaching Pastor, Heartland Church – Indianapolis, Indiana
Book: “7 Minute Marriage Solution”
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One Question That Will Save Your Marriage

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Did you know that there’s ONE question that you can ask your spouse that will improve your marriage almost instantly?

How’s it going, Brad Browning here… and I’m a marriage expert from Vancouver, Canada. In this video, I’m going to cover the one question that you can ask your spouse TODAY that will improve your marriage by leaps and bounds overnight.

In fact, if you ask this question every single day to your spouse, don’t be surprised if things change so dramatically that your spouse breaks down and recommits to you and your marriage.

So what’s the magical question?

It’s… “How can I improve your day?”

Let me tell you about a quick story about two clients of mine… Brian and Cindy. Every single day, they would argue about almost everything. It was almost as if they would pick fights for the sake of picking fights! And these arguments were no joke either… they would oftentimes scream and yell at the top of their lungs, often times even in front of their two kids.

Based on my initial meeting with them, I knew exactly what was wrong… and the problem that they experienced is an issue that’s extremely common — and that is, they didn’t see each other as their “teammate”. See, in successful marriages, couples act as if they’re two players on the exact same team. They pinch hit for each other when the other can’t step up to bat, they’ll pass the ball to each other while moving up the court, and they function better TOGETHER than AWAY from each other. So whether you’re talking about something as simple as sharing the house chores, planning a trip, navigating their finances, or raising children, successful and happy couples make sure that they support one another no matter what.

But Brian and Cindy didn’t have this mindset at all. How could I tell that this was the case? Well, in my initial meeting with them, I heard them use the word “I” and “you” 92% more than they used the word “we”.

It was always… “I am doing so much work for you around the house” or “I can’t stand it when you won’t stick up for me!”

They were framing every single dispute as if they were always the victim… and that no matter hard they tried, they couldn’t get their partner to see them in the way that they wanted to be seen.

Now… Brian and Cindy aren’t unique. Again, I’ve seen this situation arise in couples all the damn time… and I know EXACTLY how to deal with it.

One of the very first things that I got them to was to begin with one of the most important strategies when it came to fixing a marriage… and it’s to SACRIFICE yourself for the greater good. I told them about that magical question about I mentioned in the beginning of this video…

I forced them, every single day, to start off the day with… “How can I improve your day?”

When they first started using this strategy, they admitted to me that it felt awkward for them. They didn’t FEEL like that the other person DESERVED any acts of service. In fact, initially, they felt like their partner deserved a good yelling instead of any acts of love…

But after a week of doing this every single day, things began to change…

Suddenly, Brian began felt feeling more relaxed every morning. He would wake up beside Cindy and instead of thinking about all the negative thoughts that he once had, he began to only think about improving Cindy’s day. He thought about it as a job that he had to do… or a duty almost!

The same thing happened to Cindy. She told me that after a few days, a great deal of pain, anger, and resentment began to lift from her chest… and she slowly began to feel EAGER to improve her husband’s day.

Over time, the arguments became less intense. They became less frequent… and their children began to notice and even they began to show levels of happiness that Brian and Cindy haven’t seen in ages. They effectively created a more loving environment that SELF PERPETUATED… and it all began with a simple question: “How can I improve your day?”

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Communication In Marriage | 9 Communication Tools To Save Your Marriage!

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Communication In Marriage | Communication Tools To Save Your Marriage!

nine communication tools that can save your marriage welcome to happily committed

The first tip or two that I have for you is centered around the notion of listening to understand rather than listening to respond or to reply to your partner. Too often we get defensive and we are seeking to be right or to come out on top to win an argument instead of being focused on listening to understand what our partner is actually saying to us. If they are communicating it’s because there is a need that needs to be addressed.

Tip number: two don’t play the blame game. Don’t start to attack your partner and blame them for your unhappiness. If you do that your partner is going to be defensive. They’ll feel like they’re responsible for everything and they’re going to want to defend themselves instead of pulling in the same direction.

Tip number three: have empathy. A relationship cannot blossom if you don’t have empathy for your significant other. I’m not just talking about having sympathy for what they are going through but truly dive into the emotion that they are feeling and feel that emotion with them. Acknowledge their pain. Validate their feelings.

Number four: when your partner is venting or giving you constructive criticism it is helpful for you to echo their message to make sure that you actually understand what they are saying and to give them a chance to realize and accept and digest the fact that you’ve truly heard them, that you understand what they are feeling and what they need from you. You can do that by echoing what they have said using their own words to basically convey the message that they have conveyed to you.

It’s important for you to talk in terms of what makes your partner tick. Don’t be self-centered in your communication habits. Really try to connect with your partner, to marry your wants, your ideas, and your needs with their interests, with things that they can relate to so that it doesn’t become a “me versus you” battle.

The next tip is to let your partner talk. They need to be able to express themselves and the more someone talks about themselves the more they feel good, the more they feel heard, and the more they feel understood. When you give the opportunity to someone to talk about themselves they’ll consider you a friend. Of course you have to be genuinely interested in what the other person is saying but there is no better way to connect with someone than to let them talk about the things that they’re interested in.

It’s important for you to show respect in your tone, to show respect in how you look at your partner and how you value their time and just to show respect to what you are building together as a unit. A common life project cannot happen unless both people feel respected and in many coaching sessions I find that one or both parties don’t feel respected in their relationship and in order to ensure that you maximize communication with your significant other make sure that they feel respected by you through your words and your actions.

Another important tip is to admit when you’re wrong. Nothing can be more destructive to healthy communication than two people camped under their respective positions unable to take accountability for themselves and for their shortcomings. If you have an inability to take accountability for your faults, for your wrongdoings, how can you expect your partner to be accountable to you as well? You need to lead by example and you need to take accountability for the mistakes that you’ve made and what you could have done better along the way. Your partner is your mirror they’ll let you know what those mistakes were.

Finally, it’s very very helpful to start communicating on things that you actually agree about. If you successfully are able to get your partner to say yes once twice or three times the odds are that they will say yes to you’re stronger more important complaints or constructive criticism. Most of the time people are defensive and camped in their position before a conversation even begins. It’s a conflict of ego and consensus is not built because you’re just so focused on yourself. So get into the habit of building consensus early in conversations, especially for important meaningful conversations so that by the time you get to your most important ask your partner is pulling in the same direction with you.

Save Your Marriage

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Save Your Marriage On Your Own: Push VS Pull Method | ⓇHigh Thrive Coaching – Official

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How To Save Your Marriage – Billy Graham

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Indexed by the Body of Christ – Billy Graham – Billy Graham Para-Church
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11 Ways to Save Your Marriage When Things Are Desperate

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11 Ways to Save Your Marriage When Things Are Desperate —-

If your marriage is on its absolute last breath and you desperately want to save it, then this video is for you.

Hello, YouTube! It’s Brad Browning here… I’m a marriage coach from Vancouver, Canada, and I’ve been teaching men and women how to use science and rationality to rebuild their marriages for over 10 years! I know, it’s been a long time. And throughout my coaching experience, I’ve learned that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to all marital problems… but there are foundational issues that most couples can address to rebuild a stronger, more resilient marriage… no matter how bad the situation is.

So in this video, I’m going to outline 11 foundational issues that you can address right now to re-spark your marriage… even if its back is against the ropes. Let’s begin!

1.) Avoid spiraling out of control by making sure you ALWAYS stay focused on your own wellbeing. Usually when a marriage is backed into a corner, people begin struggling to cope with their own lives. It can begin affecting your work, your health, your sleep, or your mood. And when this happens, it can only make matters worse for you AND your partner… and this can start a vicious cycle that will be difficult to end.

So in order to really begin improving your marriage, you’re going to have to make sure that your OWN life isn’t spiraling out of control… because if it is, it could produce more problems that will further exacerbate the existing issues you’re facing in your marriage.

It’s also important to remember that as much as you want to blame your partner for the problems that are plaguing your marriage, keep in mind that you are 50% of this relationship. So it only makes sense to ensure that you’re doing whatever you can to be your best self possible…. Because it will make future compromises, arguments, and resolutions far easier.

2.) Come up with a list of issues that need to be addressed and write them down. If you don’t have a plan to save your marriage, it’s not going to happen on its own. What you need to do is come up with a solid, actionable plan to make that fantasy a reality. That starts with acknowledging and addressing the problems that are plaguing your relationship.

Come up with a thorough list of all the issues that you think are present in your marriage. Once they’re written down, come up with possible solutions to those problems and write THOSE down as well. See which solutions you can begin working on today… and better yet, if your spouse wants to participate in this little exercise, they’re more than welcome to join in. Comparing lists will help you contextualize what are the problems that you can both start working on together.

Do your best to be as thorough and comprehensive as possible. If you’re annoyed that your spouse leaves their dirty laundry on the bed, write it down as well. By the end of this exercise, you’ll be better equipped to begin taking action to help fix the bleeding and turn your marriage around.

3.) Prioritize what you want to work on in the relationship. Using the list you’ve just created, begin prioritizing what you need to work on first. Obviously my ‘dirty laundry’ example wouldn’t be near the top… I mean, I hope it wouldn’t be! …But you’ll want to address the core problems that are plaguing your relationship first. Then, on your own, prioritize THREE possible solutions to each issue.

So for example, say that a lack of quality time spent together is plaguing your relationship… you could come up with an actionable plan to address this by booking a small trip together. Or you could think about a hobby that you two genuinely enjoy together and making it special… so for example, if you both like hiking, plan an overnight hiking trip you’ve always been talking about.

Of course, the solution may not always be so simple and it might take some time to find what will work for you… but the alternative of doing nothing, I can assure you, will only make matters worse for you… so give this a shot!

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A marriage is a two way street, it takes both ends for it to work but what if you find yourself the only one fighting? How do you save your marriage alone? Let’s talk about that.

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How To Save My Marriage

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Are you asking, “How to save my marriage?” If so, Coach Lee shares with you how to save a marriage from divorce, even if you are the only one trying or wanting to save it.

When it comes to saving a marriage from separation and divorce, it’s important to have a strategy instead of just emotion or advice from well-meaning family members who don’t have the knowledge that experience brinks.

In relationships, especially when two people are married, perception and direction are vital. What that means is that what your spouse perceives you are doing for or against the marriage can impact whether or not they choose to keep trying to save your marriage.

If your spouse believes that you are making an effort and the relationship is moving in a good direction, a spouse who wants to leave could change his or her mind.

If, however, things seem to stay the same and your spouse sees themselves as trapped in a marriage that they honestly don’t even want to save, there is no motivation for your spouse to put in the work to try.

That is especially true if this is a second or third attempt at improving or salvaging a marriage.

If your marriage needs help, this video can be a powerful resource to prevent a divorce and save it.

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Want a healthy and happy relationship? Join Lisa Brenninkmeyer as she unveils the truth about marriage and explains how to set yourself up for success before saying “I do.”

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How To Save Your Marriage: 3 Brave Steps to Save A Loveless Marriage

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In this video I teach you a few steps on how to pump life back into your marriage and keep it alive forever

Hope you enjoy the video! Please leave your comments below!

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