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3 Signs You'll Never Get Your Ex Back

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Brad Browning aka ‘Breakup Brad’ here… welcome to this video, where I’ll be sharing the top 3 signs that indicate you’ve got zero chance of ever getting back together with your ex. It’s a bit of a depressing topic, but I’m confident that most of you out there watching this video right now will NOT have to worry, because you won’t have seen any of these signs from your ex already…. So for most of you beautiful people watching, you’re actually going to feel a bit better about your chances by the time this brief video is over.

Sign #1 that indicates you’re never going to get your ex back is….

Your ex has remarried! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, if your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend… or even your ex-husband or ex-wife… if they’ve tied the knot with someone else since your breakup, then sadly it is OVER and it’s time for you to move on. I doubt anyone watching this is facing this kind of situation, but I have had a few clients in the past who were trying to win back an ex that had already remarried… sadly, in those very rare cases, it’s time to accept the reality of things and give up.

Sign #2… your ex has filed a restraining order or other legal proceedings against you. I know you probably think this is pretty obvious, but you’d be amazed how irrational some people can become in the aftermath of a tough breakup. Most mistakes, like begging and pleading, can be overcome if you have a solid game plan and stop making those kinds of mistakes quickly enough…. But if you’re at the point where police become involved, where there’s any kind of legal restriction on you because of something you did or said to your ex… well, I’m sorry, but it’s time to move on. There’s usually a pretty good reason when your ex takes that kind of drastic step to keep you away, so it’s best to just give up and avoid further problems.

Time to move on to Sign #3…. when it’s been more than a YEAR since your breakup, and you have NO WAY to contact your ex because they’ve blocked your number, moved out of town, or just disappeared completely.

Now, please note that I specifically qualified this one by saying “when it’s been more than a year”… that’s because often, right after a breakup, your ex may disappear on you and stop responding to calls and texts. If that’s in the first month or two — maybe even several months later — then you may still have a chance of getting them back, especially if you know through mutual friends or word of mouth that your ex is still around and living in the same town. BUT… when you start talking about a year or more after the breakup… at that point, if your ex has completely shut you out of their life by changing their phone number, blocking you on social media, moving to the other side of the country…. Then unfortunately 99% of the time, that’s game over for your chances of winning them back.

Now, you’ve learned about 3 signs that indicate you’ll never be able to win back your ex… I bet you’re not facing any of those 3 situations yourself, are you? See, I told you that by the end of this video, you’d be feeling a little more optimistic about your chances. Now it’s time, though, to stop making any mistakes that you may have been making in the past, up until now… and it’s time to get yourself back on track to reverse your breakup and start over with your ex.

And that’s it for today ladies and gentlemen, thanks for tuning in as always… best of luck out there, see you next time.

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5 Signs Your Marriage Is Worth Saving

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“Why don’t you just give up?”
“Your spouse owes it to you to make you feel good, and if they’re not doing that…then you should move on.”
​​​​…and you may be thinking, “maybe they’re right…”But what if I told you that, while not ALL marriages should be saved, there are 5 signs that make a marriage definitely WORTH saving.

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