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3 Tips to Get Your Ex Back In Long Distance Relationships

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3 Tips to Get Your Ex Back In Long Distance Relationships

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Are you in a long distance relationship and is wondering how you can get your ex back? In this video, I share my top 3 tips on how to approach your ex and get them back if you’re in an LDR.

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8 Useful Marriage Tips for Improving Your Realm – CK3

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Here are 8 Marriage-based tips that you can use to step up your ck3 skills. These tips can be useful for both beginners advanced players alike.

To recap here are my tips:

8. Spouse Council Tasks
7. Child Education
6. Cultural & Religious Conversions
5. Generating Renown for Dynasty Perks
4. Gathering Skilled Councilmembers
3. Establishing Alliances
2. Inheritance, Claims & Land
1. Realm/Vassal Management

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