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Vestige Business Opportunity Program

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Some Important Videos for You
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Why do Peoples Fail in Network Marketing Business.…

Facebook और Whatsapp से नेटवर्क मार्केटिंग बिज़नेस को कैसे बढ़ाएं?…

नटवर्क मार्केटिंग के 20 खतरनाक सवालो के जवाब, Vestige Training Part – 1…

नटवर्क मार्केटिंग के 20 खतरनाक सवालो के जवाब, Vestige Training Part – 2…

Raj Mohammed Live Session on Personality Development, VESTIGE…

Vestige Full CNT and Healthcare Product Training…

Why Vestige Management is the Best Management – Anil Kumar Verma…

वेस्टीज के बिज़नेस प्लान को बताना सीखे।…

एक अनपढ़ इंसान ने वेस्टीज से ली BMW कार, Md. Moin Khan (UCD)…

Anjani Kumar, Very Motivational, Must Watch,…

Success Story of Md. Moin Khan (UCD) VESTIGE…

संतोष यादव, डबल क्राउन डायरेक्टर, Vestige marketing Pvt Ltd.…

Vestige Opportunity Video (Hindi)…

वेस्टीज को समझना चाहते है तो नवीन कर्ण जी की बातों को समझ लीजिए, पूरी ज़िंदगी बदल जाएगी…

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ACN Business Opportunity Presentation with SVP & CoC Patrick Maser

Want to learn about the value of owning your own home-based business and how you can effectively build a team and impact the lives of others with ACN? Senior Vice President and Circle of Champions member Patrick Maser will take you through a powerful presentation that will help you understand why ACN continues to be the largest direct seller of essential services in the world!
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NovaTech Business Opportunity

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updated August 2020

In-depth presentation on NovaTech’s trading platform and business opportunity.
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Energy storage – a new business opportunity

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Eaton energy storage expert Steve Spicer talks about the business opportunity behind energy storage, the future outlook for solar power, and how energy storage can help us reach the targets outlined in the EU 2020 Climate & Energy Package.
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New business opportunity for Manitoba

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Monday October 5, 2020
2:30 P.M.
Economic Development and Training Minister Ralph Eichler to discuss New business opportunity for Manitoba

This Town Was Paradise, Then Everyone Started Working From Home

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Freed from traditional offices, remote workers are relocating all over the country, fueling “Zoom booms” in remote towns. In Crested Butte, Colorado, the new influx is leaving locals with nowhere to live, prompting the town to declare a housing emergency.

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🏡 10 Work-From-Home Jobs With NO Experience Needed! | 2021

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🏠 10 Work-From-Home Jobs With No Experience Needed!

🔎 In this video, I share work-at-home companies will hire you regardless if you have any experience. Best of all, the online companies I share in this video all provide PAID training and benefits – not a lot of no experience online jobs offer that. And some of these companies offer global opportunities and FREE equipment! Watch the full video for details, then apply ASAP!


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Home Based Business Opportunities 2020

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★★My #1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online★★

★★My #2 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online★★

If you are looking for a low-cost home-based business opportunity then the 2 that I provided in this video are as about as low as you can get when it comes to starting an online home-based business. There are many opportunities out there and 98 out of 100 are complete garbage.

I have spent the last 4 years searching and trying hundreds of different business opportunities and these two are the only ones that have ever delivered on what they promised and I was actually able to make money with.

★★My #1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online★★

Today’s Video: Home Based Business Opportunities 2020

*INCOME DISCLAIMER: This website and the items it distributes contain business strategies, marketing methods, and other business advice that, regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for you. Michael Day, Lunch Break Launch, Fastlane Affiliate and Six-Figure Affiliate Secrets make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by following the advice or content available from this web site or video you will make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables that come into play regarding any given business. Primarily, results will depend on the nature of the product or business model, the conditions of the marketplace, the experience of the individual, and situations and elements that are beyond your control. As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your own discretion and at your own potential expense.

LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: By reading this website or the documents it offers, you assume all risks associated with using the advice given, with a full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur as a result of putting this information into action in any way, and regardless of your interpretation of the advice. You further agree that our company cannot be held responsible in any way for the success or failure of your business as a result of the information provided by our company. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to apply any of our information in any way to your business operations. In summary, you understand that we make absolutely no guarantees regarding income as a result of applying this information, as well as the fact that you are solely responsible for the results of any action taken on your part as a result of any given information. In addition, for all intents and purposes, you agree that our content is to be considered “for entertainment purposes only”. Always seek the advice of a professional when making financial, tax or business decisions…

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Bear in mind that some of the links in this video/description are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.
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How Employers Could Be Spying On You While Working From Home

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Some managers and CEOs are turning to “productivity management” software to track their employees while they work from home. How do systems like this affect employees? And are there limits to the ways in which employers can track their workers in pursuit of productivity?

According to a new survey, 77% of workers want to continue to work from home at least once a week when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

But many managers worry that employees won’t work as much, or as hard, when they’re not in view. Consequently, some are turning to “productivity management” software to track their employees while they work from home.

One such software company, Prodoscore, said it has seen a 600% increase in interest from prospective customers since the pandemic hit. Another, TransparentBusiness, said it has seen a 500% spike in users month to month.

“We take a number of data points, be it a CRM tool that they are currently using, a phone system like a Vonage, an email system, it could be G Suite or Microsoft 365. We aggregate all those data points in a real time, proprietary dashboard that provides them a weighted score,” said Prodoscore CEO Sam Naficy. “All of it is recorded.”

But what kind of impact do systems like this have on workers? And are there limits to the ways in which employers can track their workers in pursuit of productivity?

“There are many employers that are looking at this and thinking this is a real opportunity to reshape work,” said Jamie Woodcock, a senior lecturer of people and organizations at The Open University. “Will it benefit people who are working and are now able to work in new ways? Or will it benefit employers who will find new ways to get the most out of people’s time they’ve bought to make people work even harder? ”

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You’re Probably Being Tracked While You Work At Home

The HGI Professional Business Opportunity

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Len Perroots, Director of Sales & Marketing
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How to Spot a Business Opportunity and Make it Happen PREVIEW by

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Sometimes, business success depends solely on capitalising on the right opportunity. This episode of Young Entrepreneurs with Yvette Adams features a business owner who did just that.

In this presentation you will discover…

• How Ben Burton got the idea for his businesses
• How Ben’s personal passions helped in business
• What Ben learned from his first business venture
• What role Ben’s family played in his businesses
• How Ben’s business associates influenced him

Presented by Yvette Adams, Ben Burton

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Why working from home is good for business | The Way We Work, a TED series

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As the popularity of remote working continues to spread, workers today can collaborate across cities, countries and even multiple time zones. How does this change office dynamics? And how can we make sure that all employees, both at headquarters and at home, feel connected? Matt Mullenweg, cofounder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic (which has a 100 percent distributed workforce), shares his secrets.

The Way We Work is a TED original video series where leaders and thinkers offer practical wisdom and insight into how we can adapt and thrive amid changing workplace conventions. (Made possible with the support of Dropbox)

Visit for more!
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